Web 2D Configurator

Endless compositional possibilities with the 2D visual configurator of MEDIASTUDIO.

Thanks to this versatile tool the user will have the possibility, starting from a static image, to customize the finishes, colors and materials of the original composition. The system developed by us will think about managing the whole process of coloring and modification of the subject, letting the user free to create the composition that is closer to his personal tastes and thus giving the possibility to see the final result.

With 2D Web MediaDesign we could configure a multitude of products ranging from furniture (kitchens, bathrooms, sofas, armchairs, chairs, etc ...) to clothing (suits and suits men / women) to the automotive industry. In addition to the single product our system manages the possibility, if there were the need, to customize the environment with the choice of floors and walls customized with the photographic quality.



Web MediaDesign 2D provides the ability to save the composition in image format, to send it via email to the address chosen by the user or to request a quote based on the composition made.

The company will have the opportunity to access a reserved area where you can view all the compositions made by users and consequently view the most successful articles, finishes, materials, etc... A series of statistical tools will be made available in the Admin area reserved for the company, to have a visual and simplified reading of the recorded data, all in real time.

Discover all the features in detail:

  • Allows the user configuration (expert and inexperienced) of a product in a 2D environment, simple, attractive and does not require a CAD or third-party plug-in installed.
  • Allows you to configure the products in 2D directly on the web, on the tablet, on desktop without any problems of compatibility of systems.
  • A winning and immediate tool to convey your offer as it allows the user to configure the product in a simple and intuitive way.
  • From the ability to show their products in a 2D layout with photographic quality without committing the resources of the Technical Office.
  • It allows you to capture important marketing information such as the most used colors and finishes, the most configured items and much more.
    Information that the company can use to plan future business strategies or to correct those in progress.


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