Mediastudio realizes Web Marketing strategies aimed to give visibility and promote your company on the web.

Having a good site is not enough. You need to develop an excellent level of visibility through various tools that are part of Web Marketing. The goal is to develop a marketing strategy that is effective for a long time to get noticed by those who count, make themselves visible to those who will choose your products, be ahead of your competitors. The result to be achieved is: attract new customers, develop business opportunities in new markets, in Italy and in the world, achieve specific marketing objectives and increase ROI.

"Being visible online", this is what the customer asks us and what we commit ourselves to satisfy through the most innovative and professional tools of the web world.

Web marketing


Positioning on search engines

To improve the visibility of a site there is a need to develop targeted actions, and one of these is positioning on search engines. SEO, Search Engine Optimization in the English term, aims to position the website among the first results in search engines like Google.

To do this, we need to analyze the site in its various parts, verifying that there are no errors and creating relevant content that meets the standards set by Google. A careful analysis of the sector and of the competitors is one of the first actions to put into practice, which will then allow us to identify the most wanted keywords thanks to the comparison between the various competitors in the sector.

Operations such as content marketing and copywriting, writing interesting content for the user, are essential for inserting the keywords that will allow Google to index the site. Thanks to the partnership of Mediastudio with Google, we use tools such as AdWords to identify the best keywords and create an adwords campaign and online advertising to get more visibility and achieve the goals set.

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Thanks to our experience we leave nothing to chance. We plan the best strategy to always stay in first place.
Obiettivi del sito


We improve, in case of need, the design of your site or portal to optimize and improve the performance in searches.


We process, analyze and review your content and suggest the most appropriate keywords for the research with which you are most likely to obtain the best results.


We prepare for our customers a detailed report on the evolution of the results for each keywords used and on the progress of the site.


Know how to communicate on social networks

Social networks, if used in the right way, are a very important tool that allows you to make your company known, to generate traffic and engagement to your site. Social media Marketing allows to create interaction and loyalty with the customer in the medium / long term.

Social networks are used by everyone, but if you know how to use them correctly in the professional field they can be very useful to reach the set goals.

Mediastudio deals with the activation and configuration of social channels, based on customer choice: it can be entirely managed by us, with the creation of an effective strategy to reach the target and objectives (post and content publication, campaign with Facebook Ads); or we limit ourselves to the creation and monitoring of the page.

Among the various social media, we mainly use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Some of these allow you to create advertising campaigns such as the Facebook Ads platform, very useful especially if integrated with Instagram.

We must not only think of social media as direct sales channels, but we must exploit them to create a link with users with interesting contents that improve the company's image and brand awareness.



The email marketing activity allows customers to be loyal and to increase the company's turnover. The newsletters can be of a generic nature, dedicated to a particular product / event, or a DEM dedicated entirely to the sponsor company.

With email marketing campaigns you can:

  • send newsletters with a one-to-one relationship with users
  • transform every contact into a customer
  • generate traffic to your site thanks to DEM and newsletters
  • increase loyalty thanks to the periodic sending of newsletters
  • increase brand awareness

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Web marketing
Web marketing


To realize a correct and complete web marketing strategy it is necessary to develop a campaign of promotion and adequate online advertising.

With Mediastudio it is possible to create customizable and performing promotional campaigns in collaboration with Google Adwords: online advertising, Google adv, keywords advertising, Pay Per Click.