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Online advertising and keywords advertising:
Mediastudio, Qualified AdWords Web Agency

To realize a correct and complete strategy on the web it is necessary to develop a campaign of promotion and adequate online advertising.

Our team of professionals will take care of activating successful advertising campaigns through two fundamental tools: Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

Online advertising


Increase your business. Find new customers.

With Mediastudio it's possible to create customizable and performing promotional campaigns in collaboration with Google Adwords: online advertising, Google adv, keywords advertising, Pay Per Click.
Mediastudio, in 2009, was named the "Adwords Qualified" Agency, tightening so an important partnership with Google Italy. This qualification, synonymous with professionalism and quality at the highest levels, is granted by Google to a few companies throughout the Italian territory.

Google is the most widely used search engine so Mediastudio uses AdWords, a key tool for implementing online advertising campaigns and for the planning of keywords to index your site on the engines. In this case, however, it's essential to have first started a good SEO activity.

Planning an online promotion campaign using the Adwords platform means significantly increasing visibility, driving more traffic to the site and implementing advanced branding actions.
Adwords is very useful for the launch of a new product or for the promotion of an event, giving the opportunity to see the results immediately. Among the features of this tool is the ability to compare and identify the most relevant keywords to make keywords advertising effective.

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Includes over a million websites where your AdWords ads can appear. We will choose individual websites (placements) or we will rely on the most advanced targeting options to find the most relevant web pages for your ads.

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AdWords for Videos

Tool created specifically for the management of video campaigns, which takes advantage of the visualization on the YouTube channel or in the videos of the display network. It's an advertising form that makes branding and remarketing campaigns powerful and extremely capillary.

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AdWords for Mobile

Google Adwords allows advertisers to reach their users when they use smartphone applications. We offer assistance in creating and optimizing AdWords campaigns through the most downloaded applications by users.


We provide you with the best solutions to achieve the desired results! Choosing MEDIASTUDIO for your Adwords advertising campaigns means having:

  • Competition analysis
  • Evaluation and selection of the most performing keywords
  • Activating a Google Adwords Account
  • Making relevant ads
  • Management of the campaign for the period in which it's active
  • Analysis of results by monthly report
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ADV Communication
ADV Communication


Make the most of your advertising campaign.

Facebook is one of the most popular and useful social networks to let people know and promote their company. The social media provides a very effective method to make yourself known quickly by the chosen target: Facebook Ads.
It is a very useful tool that creates advertising campaigns on Facebook, with the ability to choose the target based on geographical location, age, sex and especially interests.

You can decide whether to make an advertisement and promote your own page, or create a campaign on a specific post.

MEDIASTUDIO is a partner to help companies use the best advertising strategies on social networks. We manage advertising campaigns with Facebook ADS that allows you to reach your target audience.

Advertising with Facebook means:

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Have targeted coverage

You will direct your messages online to the users that best represent the category of your potential customers without wasting resources for contacts that do not comply with the chosen profile.
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Check on ads

You will be able to change your ads and budget with maximum freedom in order to achieve the desired results.

Viral ads

Your ad can be converted into something viral, promoting a post this can be shared by a user to his friends and then be shared in turn.
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Analysis and statistics of the campaign

You will have at your disposal a very detailed analysis tool where you will be able to know how many people have seen your ad, how many have clicked on it, how many actions have been done.


The email marketing activity allows customers to be loyal and to increase the company's turnover. The newsletters can be of a generic nature, dedicated to a particular product / event, or a DEM dedicated entirely to the sponsor company.

With email marketing campaigns you can:

  • send newsletters with a one-to-one relationship with users
  • transform every contact into a customer
  • generate traffic to your site thanks to DEM and newsletters
  • increase loyalty thanks to the periodic sending of newsletters
  • increase brand awareness