Design, Technology, Communication in Oderzo

Design, Technology, Communication in Oderzo

We were named in the 2003 "Environment Kitchen" book, AGEPE publishing group.

City of Oderzo - Assessorato alla Cultura
Palazzo Foscolo, Centro Culturale

Garibaldi street 65, Oderzo 19th May - 10th June 2001
wed/sat 9.00-12.00 / 15.30-18.30

HORM: Design, Technology, Communication

Opening saturday 19th May 2001, 6:00pm
introduce Paolo Vocialta, talk by Sergio Polano, headmaster of the faculty of design IUAV

Friday 1st June 8:00pm
design in concert' musical event with Armando Battiston Jazz quartet and Paolo Zippo from Radio Company

Wednesday 6th June 8:30pm
'from concept to design' with a talk by Massimo Cacciari, philosopher

With the patronage of ADI Association for Industrial Desig Catas - Promosedia and the contribution of: Banca di Credito Cooperativo Pordenonese - Industrie poligrafiche Friulane - Lloyd Adriatico - Radio Company - Viaggi Lucangeli - Mediastudio S.r.l. - Simmetrie - Sèleco.

Free entrance - for more information and tour guides please call: 0434.640733