Domus4U the home and workplace lighting control system

Domus4U the home and workplace lighting control system

DOMUS Line is an Italian company that designs and manufactures luminaires and control systems for the furniture lighting sector.
Domus Line, adds connectivity to its luminaires in order to improve performance, optimise consumption and enable control, comfort, safety and energy saving.

The DOMUS4U BLUETOOTH and DOMUS4U WIFI Apps have been released, for iOS and Android devices, developed by MEDIASTUDIO, with renewed graphics and updated functionalities. 

The Apps are designed for those who own the DOMUS Line X-DRIVER systems and thanks to them it is possible to switch on, switch off and adjust light intensity and colour temperature with a single gesture, giving the right atmosphere to the room.

The DOMUS4U BLUETOOTH App uses wireless communication technology with the main feature of being able to communicate while consuming very little energy.

The DOMUS4U WIFI App, on the other hand, is designed for systems that support Wi-Fi connection with the possibility of controlling and monitoring everything remotely, using the Internet. In addition, it allows individual devices to be grouped together by associating them with the room in which they have been installed and switching them on and regulating them at the same time. 
Its uniqueness lies in the management and control of smart devices in rooms with voice through integration with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant and Google Assistant, Google's voice assistant through the Google Home speaker, which can connect to home automation functions, centralise devices and control them with a simple voice command. 

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Apps DOMUS4U WIFI for iOS and Android devices - developed by MEDIASTUDIO

Domus4U transforms the way lighting is controlled.

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