On March 9 2018, Google released an update and announced it via a tweet. In the first part we read that "Every day, Google releases small updates to improve the results every day. The tweet goes on to state that this time, like every year, a large update has been released that will influence the movements in the SERP.

They then said in a second tweet, that some sites may notice losses or gains on their site, but do not worry because the new algorithm will benefit the pages that previously could not stand out.

In the third tweet, Google Search Liaison explains that if you notice any deterioration regarding the positioning in the SERP, you should not resort to corrections or changes to the content, because with the passage of time it may be that the pages rise in positions. The only advice Google gives is to continue producing interesting and quality content, which is the only way to scale the SERP.

As you can guess, significant changes were made but probably necessary to correct the last update that was released last December.
However, we can not immediately verify the effects on search results because it will take some time to understand what is new about the algorithm of Google, but we can follow the directions of the Mountain View company and check the behavior of our site and the related pages.