Google Search Mobile-First Index slitta al 2021

Google Search Mobile-First Index slitta al 2021

Google finally converts to the Mobile First Index, the priority indexing of mobile content. This means that the search engine will consider for scanning, indexing and positioning a site ONLY the mobile version.

Google announced that the crawling of all websites will be based only on the Mobile First Index from March 2021 and not from September 2020 as expected.

It is not the first time that Google has delayed the application of new policies, but it seems that he wanted to postpone the final roll out of the index by 8 months due to problems caused by the pandemic and the problems that arose during the first release. In addition, in this way, the search engine has given more time to developers and web designers to prepare and make their sites more mobile-friendly.

Why Mobile First Index?

Today, online searches take place, for the most part, through Smartphones rather than from Desktop and Google has been considering them for a few years now. The goal of the search engine is, in fact, a complete conversion of the entire infrastructure and technology from desktop to mobile.

What does that mean? Once the conversion of Google will be complete, when users visit a site from mobile but cannot see content like desktop users, these content will not only be not visible but will not be found in the Google index!

If your site has not yet been converted to the Mobile First crawling, it’s time to work on it and adapt it to the mobile crawler.

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