Rino Snaidero Scientific Foundation Annual Conference

Rino Snaidero Scientific Foundation Annual Conference "Smart City, Smart Home"

It renews the annual meeting of the Rino Snaidero Scientific Foundation Conference on "Smart City, Smart Home". The event, which will be held in Majano (UD) Saturday, November 19th 2011, will focus on cities and homes of the future, looking for a solution to make them more livable and more tailored to the needs and expectations of people.
An event that will present scenarios where the capacity for innovation is transformed to combine smart growth, sustainability and social cohesion. Among the participants at the conference, will take the engineer Edi Snaidero (Snaidero Rino SpA President), Prof. Christian Companion (Rector of the Univ. Udine), Hon. Renzo Tondo (President of the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia), Ezio Andreta (Promotion Agency of the European Research President), Prof. Eduardo De Oliveira Fernandes (Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto), Prof. Roberto Pagani Arch (Faculty of Architecture, Polytechnic of Turin).
The second part of the conference will be devoted to round table "City, District, Home, Products and Services of the Future", with the coordination of Prof. Marco Vitale (President Rino Snaidero Scientific Foundation).