"Sustainability and Living" Rino Snaidero Scientific Foundation Annual Conference

Saturday, November 20 was held in Majano (UD), the annual conference of the Rino Snaidero Scientific Foundation. A major event centered on sustainability and living, which has been a great success thanks to the participation of a large audience both in the hall and online via live streaming.

During the morning have followed the actions of the most important actors in the industry and qualified local authorities involved in the project. Opened the conference the speeches of the Rector Cristiana Compagno, Prof. Furio Honsell, Hon. Peter Fontanini, and Hon. Renzo Tondo, underlining the commitment of local institutions to stimulate business innovation. Then the engineer. Edi Snaidero has introduced the Foundation's work by presenting the issue of sustainability from the aspect of integration: better living by integrating all the products that participate, from furniture to home automation. Then Engineers Babuin and Fanizza have presented the results of research of the Foundation in 2010 and the first prototypes (made by Creative and Real Team), promoting development that is able to balance the economic impact on the environment and the context that surrounds companies.

Instead the second part of the morning saw the participation of Professor Mario Abis, Gianfranco Schiava, Giovanni Anzani and Prof. Adriano de Maio, thus extending the argument to the world of business and consumer spending. In this way, they stressed the importance of 'green', specific actions by companies towards sustainability and the fundamental importance of protecting the ultimate consumer. A key event that has highlighted once again how Snaidero Foundation is becoming a benchmark for innovation and sustainability in the region.

Closing the conference were presented the new members of the Foundation, including MediaStudio, wishing to participate actively in the development of this type of research by providing their expertise and designing new production methods that are consistent with the objectives and principles of the Foundation.