ConneX Industry for ATEX Industries

ConneX Industry for ATEX Industries

MEDIASTUDIO has created for ATEX Industries, a company that deals with electronic boards, mechatronic systems and solutions for civil and industrial thermoregulation, the ConneX Industry application designed specifically for Android systems, dedicated to OEMs for the wireless programming of ATEX FLEX devices.

ConneX Industry is designed for OEMs and connects to the Cloud to receive programming files created by the OEM and update firmware released by ATEX.
In addition, it uploads programming reports with temperature and humidity graphs and allows the reading and writing of individual configuration parameters.

Specifically the menu functions:

  • Program devices with reference to the Matrix table created by the OEM in the Cloud.
  • Plots the graphs and generates a PDF file attached to the device configuration report.
  • Reads configuration parameters and allows their modification.
  • Shows the value of variables in real time.
  • Collects device identification data.
  • Allows the firmware to be updated and clears the registration records.
  • Summarises the operating status of the refrigeration unit, which can be shared via common social channels.
  • Shows the Cloud Matrix table compiled by the OEM.
  • Collects programming reports by line to upload to cloud at next login.


Download ConneX Industry

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