The Expo Connex App

The Expo Connex App

Expo ConneX is an App for monitoring and wireless control of refrigeration units manufactured by Expo. 
The application, developed by MEDIASTUDIO for iOS and Android systems, allows you to take advantage of weekly reports and alerts via push messages and email and compile the Computer Test Report for the certification of Industry 4.0 assets.

Specifically the menu functions:
- Allows the setting of the setpoint, temperature limits, light switch-off times, light intensity, colour and temperature, the switching on of the refrigeration unit and the initiation of a defrost.
- Plots graphs of installed probes.
- Reports the list of alarms with start and end date of event.
- Displays values of thermostat operating variables in real time.
- Allows factory reset, parameter reconfiguration, firmware update, seasonal and QR Code programming.
- Receives the thermostat's functional data, allowing it to be sent to the major social networks.
- Synchronises the thermostat's date/time with that of the smartphone.
- Reports the identities of the refrigeration unit, the thermostat and allows the user manual of the refrigeration unit to be received.

Download iOS version
Download Android version

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