How to create an effective website

How to create an effective website

In the website of LA PRIMULA, location of excellence and important starred restaurant near San Quirino, you can know the high level menu proposed by Chef Andrea Canton, but you can also keep updated on events, news and book your room in the small and cosy hotel.

Today a website is a must for anyone. But first you should be clear about why you are doing it. In this way you can create a perfect site and achieve concrete results. Remember, as in all things, you need strategy!

A site, should be a support to the company for communication to the outside, towards customers, partners and suppliers. Being online is essential to disseminate information to the public and not miss the opportunity to establish new business relationships.

responsive website MODULNOVA
Responsive Website of MODULNOVA - developed by MEDIASTUDIO

In the website of MODULNOVA, a company from Friuli producing kitchens, bathrooms and design living rooms, you can browse the catalogues and all collections with a refined and clean style, stay informed about the promotions, curiosities and discover the nearest retailers. It is also possible, through MediaDesign, the 3D graphic configurator by MEDIASTUDIO, to have a view of the environment in real time, releasing both video and printing solutions.

Stores location map MODULNOVA
Stores location map MODULNOVA

In the portal the company presents the location map of all the stores. The map will show all the shops and will allow users to find the nearest MODULNOVA store, also optimized for mobile users, to guide the customer in its purchasing process, with the possibility to contact the store directly.

Visibility is fundamental. A site placed badly on the search engines what would be the use? Therefore we must understand well what are the objectives of targeting: which target I am turning to, establish the keywords to use, how to be found by customers and what is the utility of the project.

Website Doimo Salotti
Responsive Website of DOIMO Salotti - developed by MEDIASTUDIO

So having a good website isn’t enough. Indispensable is the SEO activity, a set of strategies and practices of study and definition of keywords, analyzing and planning terminologies and “categories” most appropriate to improve the ranking of search engines. Another very important element is the construction of the “sitemap”, the Web page that hierarchically lists all the pages of the site, to be used for the indexing along with its “meta tag description” to strengthen an effective SERP structure with its sub-sections, the snippets.
All this can be seen from the website of DOIMO salotti, developed by MEDIASTUDIO, that more than 10 years collaborates with Google Italy, appointed qualified agency Google Adwords for the northeast for online advertising campaigns and that will plan all the necessary strategies for a good SEO activity in collaboration with the main search engines with which today The company works together.

Creating a site is also important for making leads, collecting contacts, which can arrive through the forms by filling in a request for products or services, subscription to the newsletter or downloading a particular file. In this way the pages, which make up the site, will be built to push people towards a particular goal.

The sites can be informative, if used to inform the customer about the services offered by the company (indirect business) or they can be real shops (direct business). The customer browses the catalog, evaluates, chooses the product or service, pays and expects to receive the product purchased.

Everything always depends on the goals and what you expect from the site to not find yourself in chaos and not have any results!

e-commerce ALTUR
E-commerce of ALTUR - developed by MEDIASTUDIO

Once the objectives have been defined we must not forget that the site must have:

- Marketing oriented texts, persuasive and interesting texts;
- Clear and well balanced graphics;
- A responsive web design so that the display is suitable for all devices, whatever the size of the display;
- Impact images that capture attention.

The website is a project, where technical implementation is only the last step. All the most important decisions must have been made before!

Do you want to create your website with the utmost attention to detail and increase your business? Visit the area dedicated to Mediatsudio services, download our technical sheets or contact us at


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