BRAND REPUTATION: how to manage and defend your online reputation

BRAND REPUTATION: how to manage and defend your online reputation

What’s your Brand Reputation?

Brand Reputation is the opinion that users have towards a company or a specific activity related to its products and services. It is what they think, write, say and feel that in essence gives the precise definition, influencing in positive or negative of a specific brand.

It plays a key role in communication. It is closely connected to human relationships and is the result of the presence and actions of a company within a socio-economic context. It therefore represents the value judgment made of perceptions, expectations, ratings, esteem and trust by the public towards the company. This is precisely what allows the corporate brand (brand identity and brand image) to have a specific positioning in the mind of the consumer and allows it to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Internet has changed communication and knowledge globally. By using the network, users express opinions, influencing the consideration of companies, their services and products and conditioning the choices of customers. For this reason, reviews have great importance both on official websites and on platforms that allow you to collect reviews from customers (Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, Google Customer Reviews).

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But how do you manage and defend Brand Reputation?

First of all, it is essential to LISTEN and understand the current state of your company’s web reputation. This activity is not only carried out in the first phase, but is a continuous process that develops in parallel to the life of the company.

It is important to ask yourself some fundamental questions:

- What is the company’s online view at this time?

- What do the comments associated with it say?

- Which are the areas that work and which are the most critical?

Once analyzed and understood what are the business objectives, expectations the information you want to collect and the tools you want to use, we move on to the development of a work plan.

Whatever platform you want to use, be it the official website, rather than social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Blog, Forum, Youtube), it is essential to provide the marketing contest, technical sheets, presentations, videos, quality images and links, which better identify the company. We should also not to forget that a good SEO activity, working on architecture, content, keywords to use, putting in place an appropriate link building plan, will help to improve the BRAND.

Once the work plan is in place, MONITORING of the data will be carried out.

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Do you want to know what they say about your company and get the most out of your Brand?

Rely on our experience as a web agency that for over 23 years operates in the world of the Web, implementing targeted strategies to grow the Brand Reputation of companies.

Visit our service areas and download our technical sheets.

For more information and planning a targeted action CLICK HERE

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