Google positioning, how important is it?

Google positioning, how important is it?

Today we talk about Google positioning and search engines. The SEO, Search Engine Optimization. Web marketing branch that focuses on increasing the visibility of a site’s pages in the organic results of search engines. Most positioning tasks are done to optimize the site on Google, as it is the most used search engine.

The Search Engine optimization includes many aspects. From the words that compose the nexts of the pages, to the way in which it is possible to reach the site through links from other sites.

What are the elements needed for a good positioning?

Surely the latest data confirm that having a responsive web site is highly necessary. This is because most users browse with their mobile.

Another factor that allows us to do a proper SEO activity is the B.O.T., that is budget, objectives and timing. If the budget is limited, the timing is reduced and the goals are unreachable then it will not make much sense to start positioning because it will be very ineffective.

A good keyword research is definitely another key point to promote a site on Google. You have to bet on the keywords most clicked and inherent in the company. It is necessary to create a correct structuring of texts, titles and descriptions, and only in this way you can see good results.

seo optimization

Finally the loading times of a website and, specifically, the pages that makes it up. Still today it remains a fundamental criterion for the success of the project.

If SEO is done in the right way, it is an indispensable marketing channel to achieve good results in terms of online visibility. However, other channels of access to the site, such as social networks and links from secondary sites, are also needed.

So, how do we do that?

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