what is user experience really about?

what is user experience really about?

When people think of UX, they often associate it with User Interface (UI), which is everything the user sees and interacts with through the screen, or the esthetics of the website. Other times we think of the Customer Experience (CX), which is the experience customers have during their interaction and relationship with the company.
UX is in the middle: it is a way of understanding the kind of Customer Experience you want to create, and then implementing it through an effective and well-designed User Interface.

Wherever they are, people access the Web for a variety of reasons. Whether it is to make purchases, search for information, or to connect with friends, the quality of the user's online experience has a huge impact and can make all the difference in convincing the user to return to our website.

A crucial factor in the experience is the ease with which a consumer is able to find, access, or buy products and services. For companies whose goal is to convert all of this into a return, UX becomes critical to their success.

The winning points of User Experience are the ability to be clear, concise, and accessible to your target audience. The ideal experience within a website is provided primarily by:

  • Smooth, user-friendly navigation.
  • Dynamic and easily usable content.
  • A smooth and seamless purchasing journey.
  • Customer support that is always available.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices.

By combining these elements, a company has the opportunity to stand out online and distinguish itself from competitors.

A good user experience can convince customers to return to our website

User Experience is included in the Content Marketing process, and ideally ranks second in order of actions to be performed within the strategy:

  • SEO: at the first place we find SEO, since if the website is not optimized for search engines, our target users will not be able to find us.
  • User Experience (UX): at this point we already need to figure out how to create a user experience that meets the goals and needs of the users who will navigate the website.
  • Content Strategy: once the site is optimized for search engines and the UX is designed optimally, you can begin to consider metrics such as visitor numbers and bounce rate to create content that is tailored to the needs of your target users.
  • Content creation: once we have reached this point, we are ready to create content for our site, making sure that each is formatted correctly for the Web.
  • Content distribution: we can share our content using, for example, our social media channels.

Since user experience is the second step of a solid Content Strategy, it must be well and thoroughly crafted. Otherwise, the whole strategy will collapse before it even takes off.

User Experience is included in Content Marketing

But when to focus on User Experience?

You would primarily decide to consider User Experience when launching a new website, or when deciding to update one. As a starting point, one might look at what competitors are doing and try to offer a superior UX to their customers.

Or, when a company is going through a period of change, such as when competitors are performing better than it is, UX research can provide valuable insights into what customers really want and how the company needs to evolve to meet the constantly changing expectations of target users.

User Experience evolves to meet the expectations of target users

In conclusion, it is possible to make the UX mindset an integral part of our strategy. This, in turn, can help ensure that business decisions are always made with customer needs in mind.

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