What Content Marketing is and how to use it for your business

What Content Marketing is and how to use it for your business

We often wonder what Content Marketing is, even the most experienced do it.

Content marketing is part of every marketing strategy and it is that activity where you create interesting and valuable content to attract customers to your website or business.

Content Marketing is the king, is the slogan that makes us understand how important it is to use quality content, that can educate, explain, entertain, inform and with the scope to attract new possible customers, to make lead generation, loyalty and increase turnover.

When we talk about Content Marketing we don’t only refer to content written on the web such as blogging, but we mean everything that is put online to satisfy a need by means of techniques and strategies in order to achieve measurable results.

It is also closely linked to other web materials, such as SEO activity, to improve the scanning, indexing and positioning in the SERP of a document on the web by crawlers of search engines, together with email activity and social media marketing.

Content Marketing is a substantial part of inbound marketing, the online marketing mode that allows you to find the right place at the right time.

But the question arises. How to do Content Marketing properly?

content marketing strategy
Content Marketing Cycle

- Assessing the context, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your business and the needs to be satisfied, in order to develop a good marketing strategy.

- Studying  the competition and choosing the tools to use. In this case it is essential to have a SEO tool to monitor competitors, analyze traffic volumes, trend of keywords, positioning in the SERP and link earning activity, demonstrating how high the content is.

Seo Tool
Seo tool

Defining the target, objectives, content and channels to share them. We must first understand the target to which to propose the content, thinking of what the company needs and which are the objectives to reach.

The Content Marketing will serve therefore for:

- Lead Generation: getting more contacts with the use of content;

- Branding activities (Brand awareness): positioning and consolidating the brand in the market;

- Link earning: Having interesting content by gaining important links for positioning on search engines;

- Email marketing: have more interaction with customers and increase the flow of messages.

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