ONLINE ADVERTISING: What is it and what are its characteristics?

ONLINE ADVERTISING: What is it and what are its characteristics?

What is Online Advertising?

Advertising is part of our daily life. In addition to the offline, in television, radio, newspapers, periodicals and posters, we find also the online one, on the internet, asserting itself as the indispensable strategy for companies.

Online advertising is therefore the activity of promotion and advertising on the internet, through the tools and channels that the network makes available.

When we talk obout online advertising, there is no single way to advertise on the web. There are many models suitable for every requirement. The choice, therefore, must be a consequence of the study of some factors: of the target set, of the available budget, of the target that you want to hit and of the reference market.

Google ads

Google Ads is the most internationally known platform for online advertising on Google. There are no binding contracts and you don’t need a high budget to start publishing. It may even be possible to pause the campaigns, when it is considered more appropriate, to resume if necessary and to change the parameters if circumstances so require. Adwords is a reliable, measurable and flexible tool. It is necessary have a minimum of experience in order to optimize the campaign and achieve the objectives. For this reason, more and more companies are relying on experts in the sector.

In 2009 MEDIATSUDIO was nominated by Google Italy “Qualified Google Ads Agency” for the northeast for online campaigns. MEDIASTUDIO helps companies to plan a correct strategy on the web and it realizes ads campaigns and personalized keywords advertising, identifying the most performing keywords in addition to studying and analyzing the strategies necessary for a good SEO activity, evaluating the structure of the site, speed, textual content, meta tags and link building strategies aimed at increasing the number of incoming links to a website by improving the positioning of the site in the SERP, and be at the top of the organic results of the search engine.

Google Partner
Facebook ads

Another tool that is taking hold are the ads on social networks. The best known among all is Facebook, which makes available the tool Facebook Ads, used by companies to make their brand known quickly, creating advertising campaigns with the possibility to choose the target based on geographical location, age, sex and interests.

Why start a promotion campaign?

Planning a campaign means increasing visibility, conveying more traffic on the site and strengthening the company’s brand reputation and brand loyalty with the possibility of getting results right away.

…and its benefits?

Surely a great advantage of online advertising is to be measurable: you can analyze and monitor all data and track results, with the possibility of correcting what is not working without continuing to invest large sums of money at the risk of not achieving the expected result.

PPC “ Pay per Click” online campaigns will prove very advantageous. You will pay the specified amount only when users click on the ad and not as it happens in the offline where the investment is fixed.

Advertising on the web allows targeted communications depending on the target.

The objectives of online advertising must be precise and outlined within a comprehensive digital communication strategy. Through precise and targeted actions, the call to action, the attention will be captured and the user will be involved until it becomes a contact interested in your brand and finally a loyal customer.

Are you interested in online advertising campaigns? Entrust you to professionals, they will help you to increase your business and achieve your goals

For more informations visit MEDIASTUDIO website and the Online Advertising area or download our technical sheets.


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