Social Media Strategy: what it is and why plan it

Social Media Strategy: what it is and why plan it

The social context in which we live is constantly changing, dynamic and different. The user is multitasking and always connected to the network. Hence the great importance of Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

The user uses social channels to search for news, product information, exchange opinions and stay up to date on what happens in the world. For this reason brands need to be more present on social networks. A presence that must be menage and defined carefully.

The Social Media Strategy is therefore a planning of all the activities that the brand wants to develop on social channels, with the aim of making itself known and taking care of  its reputation.

Another reason to plan a social strategy is visibility. A brand has the possibility to gain greater visibility if it is present online, even if it is not completely obvious as it must confront every day with multiple competitors.

All this has led to old marketing techniques such as TV messages or posters becoming obsolete tools, always with less grip on the public.

One important thing to keep in mind is that to determine the success of a strategy are not the number of Like that you receive but the engagement of followers, that is the involvement of the consumer in the brand arising from experiences experienced in the course of the interaction itself and with other consumers .The results then you will only have by listening to users, responding to their requests or doubts, without neglecting the market to create the right business opportunities.

Some tips on how to set the strategy on Social:

- Setting targets (raising awareness, increasing sales, etc.);
- Study the competitors;
- Study of the contents, choose the tone of voice to use and the target to which you want to address;
- Choose the most suitable channels for the brand;
- Create your own writing and graphic style;
- Listen to what they say about the brand;
- Monitor the data

social media stratetgy

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