How important is EMAIL MARKETING?

How important is EMAIL MARKETING?

Email Marketing is a direct marketing tool, that focuses on the use of email messages with the end user. Email marketing means implementing relationships between brand and audience and giving interesting information and promotional updates to generate more purchases.

The email marketing activity is very important. First of all, it is easily measurable in terms of ROI and it continues to be the greatest profit for many companies, ensuring excellent results in terms of user conversion compared to other web marketing tools.

The types of emails differ according to their objective. On one side there are emails sent to clients for professional type communications, on the other the are DEM and Newsletters. DEM stands for direct email marketing and they are all those corporate emails sent occasionally for advertising purposes for the acquisition of new customers. Newsletters instead are the messages with a frequency of sending calendared to a list of people subscribed to update them with respect to certain topics.

newsletter Modulnova
Newsletter MODULNOVA

There are many companies that rely on email marketing to retain their customers or generate more purchases.

This communication tool has many advantages:

It is accessible to everyone and is not at all expensive;

- It is effective: it can reach anyone at any time, 24 hours a day, with the possibility to transform every contact into a customer;

- You can get to know your audience in depth, monitoring its behavior: opening rates, click on the link (click-rate), preferences for some content over others;

report email marketing

- There is the possibility to create ad hoc messages for customers and increase traffic to the site;

- It’s much more discreet than a phone call. The customer can open the message when he has time and decides wether the information inside it is relevant or not;

Green communication. You can communicate with customers without necessary having to use the press, reducing the enviromental impact;

- Companies rely on user profiling and customer satisfaction. Profiling also takes place through the exploitation of social channels that allow a deep knowledge of the public based on interests and factors such as geolocation, age and sex, strengthening their own brand awarness.

Email marketing is not easy.There are many strategies that can be adopted in order for a campaign to reap the benefits, and even more so are the rules to be respected if you want to get results from sending a DEM.

Are you thinking about starting an email marketing campaign?

MEDIASTUDIO will be able to manage and organize your Email Marketing business in the respect of privacy (GDPR) for the generation of business contacts for your business.

Visit the area dedicated to Email Marketing or download our technical sheets.


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