Google Analytics: the most used analysis tool in the web

Google Analytics: the most used analysis tool in the web

Google Analytics is the free tool that Google makes available to users to monitor their website, providing statistics and analytical tools to evaluate online performance, the type of potential customers, their habits and the most visited pages in the sessions.

Public, acquisition and behavior are the three main areas of this tool to be always under control.

Public Section Google Analytics
Google Analytics: Public section

Public means users who visit your site. This parameter contains a series of data about your audience segment: demographic, geographic, interest and the type of device used.

The Acquisition, however, is the set of data that determine how users land on the site, that can be social networks, paid advertising campaigns (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads) mail or refferal (the traffic sources that lead to the site).

Acquisition Section Google Analytics
Google Analytics: Acquisition section

But what do users do when they visit our site?
The Behaviour section gives informations about the pages that users view, which are the most effective landing pages and the time of stay on one page rather than on another.

Behavior Section Google Analytics
Google Analytics: Behaviour section

Conversions are essential for a proper monitoring. You can define pages or actions that you want your users visit to or do, so that you can see when or how a conversion is made. You can also track your purchases in the case of an e-commerce and know every time a user adds a product to the cart and be aware of who signed up for the newsletter.

With this web analytics tool you can improve customer engagement, increase traffic to your site, improve your online presence and achieve your business goals.

The recorded data must be periodically checked and analyzed, possibly with the help of professionals, in order to make the most of this resource and observe the return on investments made.

Mediastudio can help you monitoring your website, providing regular reports and tips to improve your performance. It also can help you to increase traffic and your activity.

Visit the area dedicated to Web Marketing or for more information download our technical sheets.


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