We have come a long way since that June 17, 1996!

We have always dealt with ICT (Information & Communication Technology), that is the set of technologies able to manage, process and communicate information, focusing our core business on specific areas: Web Agency, CAD CAM software for 3D design, mobile App for Smartphone and Tablet, applications in the field of DOMOTICS
Founded in 1996, MEDIASTUDIO immediately believed in the great potential of development and dissemination of the Web for companies, becoming an Internet Service Provider, with over 1.700 domains under management today.
In the year of its foundation it received a "Special Mention Lionello STOCK award" assigned by AREA Science Park in Trieste, for innovation and research activities carried out in Friuli V.G.

Innovative and avant-garde, MEDIASTUDIO has grown by sharing with its customers the most modern and effective tools for the Web (B2B and B2C and CRM). Today we offer the best business opportunities to companies through customized services: from website design, to search engine positioning, from web marketing initiatives "having a website is not enough", to social network activities, from "mobile" applications for Smartphone and Tablet (Apple, Android) to the creation of real virtual shops, to the creation of "one-to-one" communication initiatives through e-mail and newsletters.

In 2009, Google Italy selected us as the "AdWords Qualified Agency" for the North-East of Italy for "Google-Aqua" online advertising. 
At the same time, we have distinguished ourselves in 3D CAD product configuration, in the furniture sector, with the MediaDesign programme: Point of Sale, Company, and Showroom. An extremely complex yet user-friendly application with over 33.000 installations worldwide. 
In 2006 we were the first company to produce 3D CAD drawings using the automatic sketch technique (black and white, charcoal, watercolour, pastel, oil).
In 2010 SNAIDERO Spa of Udine, has chosen MEDIASTUDIO as partner for the development of the project "LAK - Living for All Kitchen" for the realization of a LAK 3D SIMULATOR software and LAK graphic INTERFACE (App on mobile) for the Home automation sector. 
MEDIASTUDIO is member of Rino Snaidero Scientific Foundation.
We report the reference FERRARI SpA, for providing activities to the famous car manufacturer

Motivation, perseverance and love for our work have allowed us to offer, over the years, quality services and high professionalism. 
Curiosity and innovation have always been part of our DNA and we put passion, commitment and dedication into every project on a daily basis, always paying attention to detail and ready to meet every need.

"Our goal
is to ensure a quality service
to our customers
and win the trust
of those who are not yet."

Thanks to all of you... from us.

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