E-commerce: integrating the web into the physical world

E-commerce: integrating the web into the physical world

According to the April report by We Are Social, 59% of the world’s population is active online, preferring the smartphone as a means to connect to the network.   The use of mobile is growing significantly and along with it also voice searches.

The pandemic, which has forced everyone to change their purchasing habits, has contributed significantly to the growth of this sector, not only in the younger generations, who prefer to shop online rather than in shops, but in all age groups, especially at this time when you are forced to stay at home.

Omnicanality is a trend. 
The consumer inquires on the internet, makes a price comparison and only at the end decides whether to complete the purchase in the store or on the web. That’s why having an integrated e-commerce to the physical store is indispensable if you want to survive. Omnicanility must be at the heart of any business strategy regardless of the sector in which it operates and the type of products it offers.
The most used means of accessing the internet is the smartphone. Now through it you do almost everything: you talk to people, you share content on social networks, you buy, you play, you make payments , you inform yourself, you book dinner or a airplane flight.


We are now in a new era, where the consumer, now accustomed to the use of new technologies, expects costumized solutions, that can make the purchase process as easy as receiving the order as quickly as possible and in any place and customer care always available, to answer all questions and doubts from any channel: email, phone, social networks and chat.

It is necessary for small and medium-sized companies to organize and be ready to provide the customer with what he requires, an uninterrupted purchase built around his needs, first connecting and integrating the web with the physical store.

Do you want to open your e-commerce? Don’t be unprepared! Reach a wider clientele and improve the shopping experience of your customers. The future of commerce is the integration of the physical and online store. One does not preclude the other, but they work together!

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