What are the reasons for registering a domain?

What are the reasons for registering a domain?

What is a domain?

The domain is the address that uniquely and distinctly identifies a site in the network. It is essential, therefore, to choose carefully the name you want to register, especially it is important to refer to the type of website proposed.

In the case of a company, you can use the brand name, while a private can refer to the category of the site (blog, forum, etc.). Once registered, the domain will be valid for one year, but it will be enough to renew it to continue to be available.

…but what are the benefits for registering domain?

- Facilitating access to the site: it is necessary to have a name as short as possible, intuitive, easy to remember and suitable for your target, to make it easy to access and make sure that the site is visible and popular;

- Gain credibility: Users are aware that a serious company has a site hosted on its own domain. To convey professionalism and credibility it is essential, therefore, to use a domain for your website;

- Protecting your brand: registering your domain means protecting your name and not risking losing potential visitors;

- Improving visibility on search engines (SEO): the site will improve its ranking and appear more easily in search results.

hosting services

Once you understand the importance of the domain and registered the name of the company on the web you have to evaluate the hosting service, which best meets your professional needs.

A hosting is the web space on which your site will be hosted, a space thanks to which you will be able to better manage the work of your company. In this way you can create a strong digital identity, which will win the attention of users from the first glance.


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