E-Commerce: traffico in crescita costante

E-Commerce: traffico in crescita costante

E-commerce is a digital marketing tool but first of all it is a sales channel and an integral part of purchasing habits both in B2C and B2B.

It is known to anyone how the lockdown has influenced the purchasing habits of Italians, who have preferred the online purchase, getting closer and closer to e-commerce. The traffic recorded has not been only a temporary phenomenon, like it was thought initially, but the searches are in continuous increase, with an increment today of 36% in all the merceologici fields.

According to data collected by SEMrush, the Saas (Software as a Service) platform for visibility management and content marketing, online purchases almost doubled in March and are continuing to grow.

After an analysis of more than 2.000 sites, among the most visited, over a period of time ranging from January to August 2020, it also emerged that 60% of traffic is direct and 70% connect from smartphones. This makes it clear that users are much more aware of what they want, how important the corporate brand is and with it a solid and reliable reputation, indispensable to retain customers in the online shop.

The largest increases in traffic have been recorded towards sites related to the fashion and beauty sector with 59% and 61% but also in sports, gardening and household sites.



Traffic increase - clothing sites

Italians are now familiar with online shops. This means that, having an e-commerce has now become a requirement if you want to compete in the market.


A mistake not to make?

To think that the shop "fills" with customers alone. It is important to put in place promotion and loyalty initiatives such as implementing a good SEO strategy to be found among searches, a campaign on Google and social platforms or a contact plan through Newsletters. For this reason it is necessary to have a clear plan and a dedicated budget.

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