Mobile First Index: Google changes indexing rules

Mobile First Index: Google changes indexing rules

What is the Mobile First Index?

The Mobile First Index or simply Mobile First is the priority indexing of mobile content on a website. This means that Google, for scanning, indexing and positioning a site takes into account only the mobile version.

Recently, BigG announced its complete conversion to the Mobile First Index in March 2021, initially scheduled for September 2020, postponed due to some problems caused by pandemic and the problems arising from the release of the first version. From next year, therefore, the indexing algorithm changes and the sites will only be scanned by Googlebot mobile.

This change is due to the trend of surfing the net more and more frequently from smartphones than the desktop. If you don’t have a mobile or responsive site, Google will take it anyway into consideration but this could involve negative results about your ranking.


What does this novelty entail?

Being that Google, for indexing, will see the sites only as users from Smartphone, in case the contents are not visible as from desktop, will not be taken into account and then will not be found in the index of the search engine!

70% of sites have already been converted to the Mobile First Index and have also been recognized by Googlebot Mobile. This means that 30% of sites are not ready for change.

web site fioreria battistella
Responsive web site of FIORERIA BATTISTELLA - developed by MEDIASTUDIO


What to do?

First of all you have to make sure through Google Search Console, that the site has been automatically converted to mobile crawling. If the change has occurred, you will receive a message indicating that the website fulfils Google’s requests and that the crawling has been modified. Otherwise, it means that the site has yet to be adapted and that, therefore, you have to activate and work on it if you don’t want to disappear from the Google index!

The solution is definitely the responsive design, so that the site adapts to the size of the display used and make it Mobile Friendly.


In coclusion 

There are still several months before the final conversion, but it is not necessary to wait much longer before embracing this change because the risk is to arrive too late.

If your site has not yet been converted to the crawiling Mobile First, it’s time to adapt it to the mobile crawler and maybe take this opportunity to make a restyling of your site.

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