ATEX focuses on home automation: the App connex and connex Industry

ATEX focuses on home automation: the App connex and connex Industry

Domotics is synonymous with intelligent home, where different disciplines converge and expertise in engineering, architecture, electrical engineering, computer science, security and design, aimed at improving the quality of life and safety of people. Home automation relies on smartphones and tablets to monitor and manage, even remotely, smart household appliances through applications, with the possibility to do also remotely. It also works through voice commands. Among the best known solutions are Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple HomeKit.

ATEX Industries
is a company that designs, develops and produces electronic boards and mechatronics systems for the industrial and private sectors. The company focuses on home automation and offers a local and remote connectivity system for managing its devices.

ConneX and ConneX Industry are the two new ATEX applications, designed by MEDIASTUDIO, for easy-to-use iOS and Android devices, fast and intuitive.

ConneX, available for both iOS and Android, is the application available to the end user for local connectivity with FLEX devices. It allows the complete control of the device, the progamming of the parameters read from QR-Code; it traces the charts of the monitored variables and presents the list of the difformity events.

ConneX Industry, instead, designed and developed only for Android tablets, is designed for the manufacturers of the company for the management of the Builder Station. It is a WIFI programming station for ATEX controllers with local connectivity: it significantly reduces setup times and assembly line errors.

For more informations download our technical sheets and visit our website and the App Mobile area.


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