Smart Homes: Intelligent voice assistants combined with home automation

Smart Homes: Intelligent voice assistants combined with home automation

DOMUS4UWIFI is the first Voice App develeped by MEDIASTUDIO for DOMUS Line, with which you can manage, control and monitor devices remotely or with voice through integration with Amazon Alexa voice assistant and Google Assistant.

What is a voice assistant?

A voice assistant is an application that listens to human voice to execute commands and have real conversations. It is present in smartphones, tablets and smart speakers (in home and cars). The purpose of the voice assistant, connected to an internet network, is to support the digital consumer in his daily life, providing him with the information he needs. Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon and Google Assistant are the best known.

... and Domotics?
The technology advances day by day and becomes an integral part of our everyday lives. This is precisely the meaning of domotics, a branch of technology developed to make our house smarter and connected to us at any time.
Through home automation we can manage the sockets of house, the temperature of the rooms, the kitchen, the lights and some appliances such as refrigerators and robot vacuum cleaners. To do all this, however, you need your own app to interface with.

smart home and home automation

The next step was to transfer the Voice Assistant into the home: the Smart Home Voice Assistant. It is able to connect to the functions related to home automation, to centralize the smart devices of the house and be able to control them with a simple voice command, improving the quality of life. An example are the Google Home and Amazon Echo smart speakers, through which you can interact with Google Assistant and Alexa.

For more information download our technical sheets visit our Mobile App area.


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