When technology can help humanity

When technology can help humanity

How many times do we associate social media with leisure without thinking about how useful technology can be in the social field?

Facebook is the social media that these days shows us how useful it can be at critical times where there is a serious need for help. Safety Check has been active for some time, a very useful tool and unfortunately much used in recent months due to events, which allows users to reassure friends and family about their state when they are in places where an attack or natural disaster has occurred.

map of disasters

The map of disasters

In recent days Facebook has announced the introduction of the disaster map that, through the data provided by the social network, provide organisations and rescue services with the help they need to identify the people in the area concerned. The initiative is the result of a work created in close contact with some important realities: UNICEF, the International Federation of the Red Cross, the World Food Programme and others.

Several maps have been drawn up that will show where people are before, during and after a disaster. The motion maps serve to understand the location of users even before they have announced on Facebook to be safe, to direct the help in the places where there is greater need of intervention. The fundamental point, however, is to identify and distinguish normal deviations from those related to emergency situations. With regard to the issue, Zuckerberg has ensured that the data will be compared with the movements of the previous 3 weeks in order to avoid any errors.

However, the service only works if the Facebook app and geolocation are simultaneously active on your smartphone.

A technology therefore very effective to improve and speed up the rescue at critical times and inform their loved ones about their state, thus avoiding alarms that are created whenever these unpleasant events happen.


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