DOMUS4UWIFI the first Voice App of Domus Line

DOMUS4UWIFI the first Voice App of Domus Line

DOMUS Line is an Italian company that designs and manufactures lighting fixtures for furniture.

The company, like many other companies, adds connectivity to its devices, for improved performance, optimizing consumption and allowing control, comfort, safety and energy saving.


Alexa of Amazon and Google Home of Google Assistant

Domotics deals with the study of technologies and is aimed precisely at improving the quality of life in the home and beyond. The potentialities that domotics offers are many and we can extend them in different sectors and fields such as commercial buildings, specialized studies and clinics.

The new DOMUS4UWIFI App is DOMUS Line’s first Voice App for iOS and Android devices, developed by MEDIASTUDIO.

The application is designed for customers who own the X-DRIVER systems of DOMUS Line that support Wi-Fi connection with the ability to control and monitor everything remotely: turn on, off and adjust the light intensity and color of the light. To do this, you need an account to which you can associate devices.

DOMUS4U application combined with Alexa of Amazon
DOMUS4U application combined with Alexa of Amazon

The integration is also possible with Google Assistant, Google’s voice assistant through the Google Home speaker, able to connect to the functions related to home automation, centralize the smart devices of the house and control them with a voice command.

Google Home
Google Assistant - speaker Google Home

The main feature is in the management and control of devices with voice through the integration with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. In this way to turn off and access the light will be sufficient a simple voice command that you can do comfortably sitting on the sofa.

For more information visit our website and App Mobile area or download into our technical sheets.


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