Sicam on your smartphone

Sicam on your smartphone

SICAM is the International Exhibition of Components, Accessories and Semi-finished products for the furniture industry of Pordenone.

Successful established fair, boasts the participation of over 8.000 companies and about 600 exhibitors from all over the world. The offer the most complete showcase of the production of the different sectors, aiming to highlight the most innovative materials, technology products and future trends.

Many foreign visitors generate new business relationships in different markets every year.

SICAM is the official application of the Fair, developed by MEDIASTUDIO, for iOS and Android devices, usable by suppliers, standers and customers. The application is  simple and intuitive and it  allows to consult the map of the pavilions of the Fair, the list of all exhibitors divided by categories and an agenda for those who want to fix and organize appointments, by optimizing your time. A unique and essential tool to plan your visit to the fair.

SICAM is an event not to be missed to stay up to date on the news and strategies to adopt for future seasons.

If you are interested in developing an App for your company or for more information download our technical sheets and visit our website and the area dedicated to Mobile App.


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