Idoors: the portal for your tailoring quotation

Idoors: the portal for your tailoring quotation

Idoors is a network of companies producing, qualified, competent and specialized in the field of furniture subcontracting in the production of doors and fronts, from classical to contemporary, modern and design.

Its services are directed both to the private public, for those who want to renovate or furnish environments of their own home, and to a corporate public, such as craftsmen, small producers, architects and interior decorators.

Idoors offers high quality products: doors, fronts and accessories, Made in Italy with customizable measures according to needs and the possibility to buy even in small quantities, ensuring an efficient service, offering assistance and advice in materials and finishes choices. (Guide to the choice of materials)

material choice

Idoors distinguishes itself by expanding its offer, offering a wide range of IKEA compatible doors. In this way the customer will be able to replace the fronts and make your kitchen look new, without spending any money at all.

ikea compatible doors

Each quotation will be tailored, according to the choice of different textures, colors, finishes and quality materials.

The tailoring quotation can be saved and confirmed later or you can proceed directly with the purchase. (Guide to the quotation and purchase)

Guide quotation and purchase

Idoors is an e-commerce. You can order online and send the order comfortably from home and receive the products purchased at the address you will indicate.

But this is not the only advantage:

- Payment methods are different and secure. All of them guarantee the maximum security and confidentiality of the data;

- Competitiveness of the price. The prices of online products are much more advantageous than the retail market

- The feedback. Before buying online, the user can consult the opinions and experiences of other buyers, and only followed up make a decision.

Today it has become essential for many companies to have a site that also offers an online shop, as users spend many hours in front of the computer and this can turn into purchasing occasions.

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