Ibath: furnishing your bathroom with taste and style

Ibath: furnishing your bathroom with taste and style

Ibath was born from the union of several certified local companies, manufacturers of designer washbasins, customized shower trays, bathtubs, mirrors and lights, with the aim of providing quality products directly at home at affordable prices.

 ibath products are guaranteed Made in Italy and customizable according to different needs, addressing both private users, who want to renovate the bathroom, and professionals who design to measure.

Through the portal you can order tailored products in a few clicks and decorate your bathroom in a simple way, receiving everything directly at home.  In addition to online sales of design products, the company ensures fast and transparent deliveries and assistance during and after purchase, offering advice and solutions according to your needs.

In addition, within the e-commerce you will find information about the products you need, news and insights that will help with the choice of the product.

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What distinguishes ibath is not only the fact of being equipped with a wide range of products ready for delivery. With ibath you can have bathroom washbasins, customized shower trays with custom design, in different finishes and materials. It is thanks to Solid material, that you can create different shapes and shape the sinks and shower trays to your bathroom.

Users are often reluctant to buy online, especially when it comes to a major purchase such as a designer sink, a shower tray or a bathroom mirror.

ibath services

Ibath in this regard guarantees security of purchases by offering:

- assistance before and after purchase;

- transparency on price;

-  insurance of the goods dispatched by protecting them with appropriate packaging;

- guarantee and quality of materials with Made in Italy certification;

- money back or money back.

The ibath products adapt to your needs in terms of space and design. An original and personalized product with a unique price.

Make your own bathroom! Visit the e- commerce.

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