Italian Creativity: when technology saves lives

Italian Creativity: when technology saves lives

At a time when Intensive Therapies and Emergency Medicines fight every day to better manage the crisis situation that the whole world is facing, the technologies come to their aid.

Cristian Fracassi, 36-year-old engineer, together with his team of the Brescian startup Isinnova, made an important contribution to the Italian hospitals, now overworked, during the emergency COVID-19.

Everything starts from the Chiari hospital in the province of Brescia, where there are no respiratory valves and the risk of not being able to help and save people’s lives is very high.

So Massimo Temporelli, physicist and popularizer, has an idea. After involving Cristian Fracassi, they decided to try to 3D print the valves needed for the respirator. It worked. But in addition to the valves, the breathing masks were missing.

valves covid19
Valves 3D printed

And so, thanks to technology combined with creativity, the snorkeling mask of Decathlon has been transformed into a respiratory mask for the sub-intensive care, thanks to a new valve (Charlotte valve) able to attach to the oxygen tubes.

respiratory mask
Isinnova Mask

The startup decided, in this difficult situation, to file the patent and donated it free of charge, so that it can be used by all interested parties, provided that it is not exploited for commercial purposes, thus avoiding speculation. The aim is only to help the doctors in hospitals.

The use of new technologies has facilitated the work of doctors in hospitals throughout Italy. But many were the fundraising organized to support the emergency for the purchase of materials and expansion of intensive care and sub intensive care departments.

Several fundraising have been activated in Friuli Venezia Giulia and in particular the initiative WE HELP TO HELP. This is a fundraiser organized by Lions Pordenone Naonis in collaboration with other local Lions to support the Emergency Department and Emergency Medicine of the Civil Hospital of Pordenone. The hospital was able to reorganize thanks to an anonymous donation by a Pordenone in the sum of 1 million euros.

aiutiamo ad aiutare
Aiutiamo ad Aiutare - fundrising for Civil Hospital of Pordenone

The emergency situation Coronavirus pushes solidarity to make meaningful gestures like this.

A small contribution can still make a difference.

Mediastudio has also done its part and supports the initiative WE HELP TO HELP.

All collaborate and give their help, united in the common purpose of overcoming this painful moment to get up and return to take back our lives.

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