JME CRM 4.0 a new way of think internet information

JME CRM 4.0 a new way of think internet information

JME CRM 4.0 is the CRM developed by MEDIASTUDIO, a Web application which connects with your managemnet information system creating automatically the entire information on the web. It’s all covered by the greatest protection. In every moment every identified user can examine the reserved information and also manage travel agents, customers, suppliers, managers and area chief. You can improve the processes and organization of the sales network, monitoring the company trend, thanks to the use of histograms and topographic projections.

JME CRM is the CRM by MEDIASTUDIO chosen by Pordenone Fiere s.p.a., to manage the services and organization of all the events that are present every year at the Pordenone Trade Fair District. In this way it is easy for the client to manage the calendar of activities in order to better plan the human resources put in place for the realization of an exhibition.

JME CRM of Pordenone Fiere S.p.a. - developed by MEDIASTUDIO

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a program for the management of clients and the organization of leads, which arrive on your landing pages or from the email form. It also allows tracking sales to improve internal processes and productivity.

Through this tool you can manage relationships: make an offer, send a welcome message or advanced content with the purpose of convincing or retaining customer loyalty after sale and keeping your attention on your company. You will always know what to do with certain contacts and the type of relationship to establish.

But why  should a company use a CRM?

Using a CRM for companies means intelligently managing the inbound marketing, that is the set of web strategies focused on getting found. This is necessary when we are in the presence of customer flows and routes more or less complex!

The software is suitable for those who expect a ROI in the short term or for those who want to do lead nurturing, then to work and to dialogue with the customer, supplying it information, in order to retain him and convince him of why he should prefer your products and services over your competitors.

The use of CRM undoubtedly helps your company to achieve goals related to the management of services and the improvement of interactions with customers. It is therefore important, first of all, to identify what your goals are and only after drawing up an action plan!

For more information and discover all the features of JME CRM click here or download our technical sheets.


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