MediaDesign : 3D graphics for the furniture industry

MediaDesign : 3D graphics for the furniture industry

MediaDesign is the 3D graphics software by MEDIASTUDIO, which gives you the possibility to create and design a room in an easy and precise way, offering as a result a complete 3D graphic order.

MEDIASTUDIO has become a leader in 3D design software in the furnishing sector with the MediaDesign product, in the versions: Company, to design a room, Point of Sale, which allows the end customer to view the room designed, Home for the creation of large areas such as showroom, offices and exhibitions and Mediataglio, for the management of panels and semi-finished products. It is a complex application but simple in its use, the most used in windows, spread all over the world with well over 30.000 installations.

Mediadesign allows you to design 3D interior projects, not requiring any preparation in the field of computer science, but only a knowledge of interior furnishing, allowing the user to move in a natural way within the project. The software also gives the possibility to have, in the end, printing solutions in A4 formats up to the maximum A0 format.

MODULNOVA, a well-known company from Friuli in the field of furnishings,makes available to its dealers and official partners, MediaDesign, for the design of the Kitchen, living and bathroom area, with the aim of enabling a creative and realistic design based on many modular solutions of the elements in the catalogue.

MediaDesign Modulnova

ASTRA, another leading copany in the world kitchen market, also uses MediaDesign. The configurator offers its customers, at the design stage of the kitchen, a service that allows, with simple actions, to customize the various finishes available, combined with differente variants, realising both video and print solutions.

MediaDesign Astra
MediaDesign by MEDIASTUDIO for ASTRA

Mediadesign is also Web 3D. The web platform configurator that allows you to configure a product in a few minutes and customize each three-dimensional object directly online. You can then create an object in real time and see it from all perspectives. One of the great advantages of this product is the ability to enlarge the object to define the details. One of the great advantages of this product is the ability to enlarge the object to define the details. This allows you to appreciate the materials, modifying the shade on the basis of those provided.

MediaDesign is an innovative program, from the many features that manage the entire operating flow that goes from the design and order of the dealer, to the production of the finished product.

For more information download our technical sheet or go to the MediaDesign area and more you are interested.


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